The Relationship between Levels of Serum Vit. D and Kidney Function in Diabetic Nephropathy Iraqi Patient

العلاقة بين فيتامين د واعتلال الكلية السكري




vitamin D3, diabetes mellitus, DMT1, diabetic nephropathy


Background: According to several animal and human studies, Vitamin D appears to play a substantial role in the development of diabetic nephropathy, However, the possibility of vitamin D's Reno protective impact and influence on the reversal of already-existing renal damage remains speculative. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are ubiquitous worldwide and have been linked to a variety of pathophysiological conditions, including diabetes, allergies, autoimmune illnesses, pregnancy difficulties, and, more recently, worse COVID-19 clinical outcomes. From a translational perspective, the goal of this review is to look into the potential function of vitamin D in the development of diabetic kidney diseases

Aim of the study:  to evaluate the role of vit. D on renal function in patients with DMT1.

Patient and Method: The total number of study participants was 120, divided into three groups: Group A: Included 40 patients have DM with NP (stage1, stage 2, stage 3a), Group B included 40 patients who had DM without NP, and group C included 40 healthy participants (control). Samples were taken from the Diabetic control clinic of Endocrinology and Diabetes Center/Al-Kindy Hospital, Baghdad Teaching Hospital/ Medical City, and Al-Shaheed Al-Sadder General Hospital during the period from October 2021 to March 2022. 

Result: Statistically significant weak positive correlations were detected between vitamin D and GFR (r= 0.321, P= 0.001); while a significant moderate negative correlation was seen between vitamin D and HbA1c (r= -0.494, P= 0.001) and weak negative correlation was seen with B. Urea (r= -0.2, P= 0.028). No statistically significant correlations were detected between vitamin D and all of age, DM duration, and s. creatinine.

Conclusion: Our data suggest a correlation between reduced levels of vitamin D3 and diabetes nephropathy and it may be a potential predictor for both the occurrence and severity of diabetic nephropathy


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