Reviewer's Guidelines

Instruction to the Reviewer:


  • Note the title, and make sure to be reflecting the research subject very well and there is no lengthening or strange concepts.
  • The information should be abbreviated & related to the core subject.
  • Abstract/ summary: abstract should  reflect precisely the articles objective.
  • Be sure of the introduction, it must be brief, focusing on the background of the subject only.
  • Revising the grammatical mistakes in general.
  • Focusing on the research items that is mentioned in our journal instructions to authors ( )
  • Concentrate on the proper writing style of P&M particularly the statistics.
  • Be sure of describeing and defineing the main method to collect and analyze the participants /patients data.
  • Results and tables must be briefly illustrated and only the significant one must be inserted.
  • (Tables must be inserted within the body text with the capability of ignoring the least important one).
  • interpretation and conclusions are sufficiently derived from the result by focusing on selected data.
  • Discussion must be complying with manuscript's main topic without referring to other topics outside the boundaries of the main manuscript’s topic.
  • It is not accepted to insert tables or other data (metadata) in the discussion, which are not mentioned in the results.
  • Participants and statistical analysis : To be sure that Inclusion and exclusion criteria described the risk factors of selected patient with the research.

  • The work /article/ manuscript helps clinicians, educators or researchers to medical decisions or analysis of certain problem.
  • The research article or case report make any contribution of existing literature.
  • The research question /hypothesis clearly defined and the objective properly derived.
  • The overall study design appropriate and adequate to answer the research objective.
  • To be sure of inserting the references (bibliographies) according to the journal referencing style (Vancouver style) see the vancouver
  • To be sure of involvement of references included in Scopus data base with a rate of 20%.

  •  To be sure of Involvement of at least four references from local Iraqi journals including the journal of the faculty of medicine- Baghdad.

  • The Journal of the Faculty of Medicine  Baghdad will ask the reviewer to the declare any possible competing interest that might arise from reviewing the article by informing editorial office.

download the review form :