Missed foreign body inhalation for 15-years

Case report and Review of Literatures

  • waleed M. hussen College of Medicine-University of Baghdad, department of surgery
Keywords: Bronchoscopy; Inhalation; Foreign body; Bronchiectasis




Foreign body inhalation is a life threating event in children and it is common in our country ,which is  a daily practice of Thoracic .It  can lead to morbidity even mortality in the hands of untrained or not well- trained doctors.


Is to report a case of missed foreign body inhaled 15-years back, which is uncommonly reported in the literatures and to compare it with other studies reporting similar cases.


The details, presentation, clinical findings, radiological appearance and the successful removal by a rigid bronchoscope under general anesthesia will be presented.


The successful removal of this long standing impacted foreign body (plastic whistle) using the rigid bronchoscope and the eventful outcome of patient’s clinical symptoms is elucidated.


Refractory respiratory symptoms of long duration without improvement justify the need for diagnostic bronchoscopy which will offers the best chance of cure in missed foreign body inhalation.



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