The association between anemia and urinary tract infection among the pregnant women in Baghdad

  • Areej- A. Jabba Department of Obstetric and Gynecology and Physiology, College of Medicine, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq.
Keywords: anemia and urinary tract


Background: Severe anaemia predisposes to infection particularly during pregnancy especially reproductive tract and urinary tract infection .Iron deficiency anemia is an important public
health problem which contributes to morbidity and mortality in pregnant women, even milder anemia can cause urinary tract infection .
Methods: This study was carried out during February to May 2005 among 200 pregnant women during their routine visits to the maternal and child health centers in different parts of Baghdad city , they were inquired carefully about their ages parity , their gestational age and examined physically in addition to testing their blood for lib concentration and urine for presence of bacteruria. The sample was devided into two groups: The first group had confirmed diagnosis with UTI (100) , the second normal group (100) considered as a control. Results : The highest percentage of Urinary tract infected pregnants in the sample were nuillipara 44% and those in the second trimester showed highest percentage 57% of the sample . the mean blood 1 Ib was significantly lower in UTI cases (10.5 g/dl). the anemic individuals (<1 I g/ dl) constituted a significantly higher proportion (56%) of the UTI case
and the risk of having anemia in cases, of UTI is 4.5 times that of the control Grand multipara with UT] increased the risk of having anemia significantly by 6.8 times
compared to other and pregnants with UTI in second trimester of pregnancy increased the risk of having anaemia 14.9 times.
Conclusion: We can conclude that there is an association between urinary tract infection and anemia of different causes during preguancv there is a high risk of having anemia amongst the complicated pregnancy with UTI in association with their parity , age and gestational age.


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