Relationship between sex hormones and migraine

  • Gheyath AlGawwam Baghdad college of medicine –neurology department.
Keywords: Migraine,hormones


Back ground: Migraine is a common chronic episodic disabling primary headache disorder with associated Symptoms. The neuroendocrinological alterations, disorders of the hypothalamic-hypophysial axis are believed to be implicated in the pathogenesis of primary headache syndromes
Objective: The aim is to determine the effect of sex hormones on migraine.
Patients and methods: Twenty seven adult patients with migraine and 20 controls were assessed for prolactin,testeron,,LH,FSH were tested with immunofluorometric assay.
Results: This study found that migraine is associated with elevated level of FSH, prolactin and testerone P= (<0.05), (<0.05) and (<0.05) respectively .however there was no significant association between LH levels and migraine P (>0,05).
Conclusion: There is a significant correlation between levels of hormones and migraine.


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