The Relationship between Severity of Dental Caries and Chronic Tonsillitis among Iraqi Children

  • Zaid S. H. Ahmed Ministry of higher education and Scentific research- Studies & planning & Follow up Office- Manager of Curriculum.
Keywords: Dental Caries, Children, Tonsillitis, Oral Microflora, Dental Plaque.


Background: Chronic Tonsillitis outcomes from frequent attacks of acute Tonsillitis usually for six attacks or more per year for two successive years. Poor dental hygiene had been associated with oro- pharyngeal problems and causes both dental caries and Tonsillitis alike.
Objective: To evaluate the relation between chronic Tonsillitis and severity of dental caries among 4-5 years old children.
Patients and Methods: Random sample of children was selected in Hospital of Baghdad medical city Otolaryngologic department city. Fifty-four children aged 4- 5 years old were participated in this study divided into two group: 29 children with Chronic Tonsillitis (study group) and 25 children with intact tonsils (control group). The determination of Chronic Tonsillitis performed through a clinical and histopathological examination and Caries experience was recorded according to Mühlemann (d1-4 mfs) Index.
Results: Bacteriologic samples from children dental plaque(29 infected and 25 healthy) were cultured quantitatively for aerobic condition; Data reported that the mean values of bacteria (Strep. mutans, Strep. pyogenes, Lactobacilus spp, Strep. mitis and Strept. salivarius) and dental caries (dmfs, decayed, missing d3 and d4) among children with Chronic Tonsillitis were higher than children with intact tonsils with statistically highly significant difference (P< 0.001). Moreover the relations between (d4) and Strep. mutans, Lactobacilus spp and Strep. mitis were highly significant in positive direction among study group (children with Chronic Tonsillitis), while it was not among control group (children with intact tonsils).
Conclusion: There seems to be an association between dental caries and Chronic Tonsillitis in children aged 4-5 years old. And, it may be accepted that the infection to pass much more frequently from the teeth to the tonsils than in the opposite direction. So It is necessary to improve oral health condition through elective preventive dental programs among children to minimize any para-pharyngeal infections like Tonsillitis.


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