A Reviewing the Top Health Systems with Comparison to Iraqi Health System

Commercial Health Systems Review

Keywords: Review, Health Systems, comparison, Iraqi health system.


Background: The assessments of performance in any health system is a

challenging goal.

Objectives: This article reviews the top healthcare systems then compares

them to Iraqi health system.

Patients and methods: The top 12 commercial Health Systems in 2020

ranked by a survey of more than 20,000 international citizens from 73

countries on 65 diverse metrics. These metrics vary from simple to critical

health system performance criteria.

Results: Up to January 2020, the review shows that Canada has the top Health System. Most other top countries are Europeans. There are some strong and weak points in each health system. Iraqi health system struggles with several obstacles that need a rehabilitation.

Conclusions: Iraqi health system needs some improvements. The

Netherlands Health system model improves the Iraqi health system.


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Author Biography

Hazim A Alhiti
  Dr. Hazim Abdul Rahman Alhiti General Surgeon Specialist M.D Al-Ramadi Teaching Hospital, general surgeon specialist
Chief of Breast Clinic (Hit General Hospital) Chief of Cancer Clinic (Hit General Hospital) Academic Teacher (Electronic learning)- Tikrit University Academic Teacher in Higher Health Institute Al Anbar Directorate of Health head of emergency department, Higher Health Institute Al Anbar Directorate of Health   Author, Reviewer and editor 009647821490455 [email protected] [email protected]  
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