Paediatric multiple sclerosis: a case report of missed and dismissed diagnosis

  • nebal wael saadi department of neonatal , college of medicine, university of Baghdad
  • Qusay Abed Fahad Specialist radiologist MD, Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Department of Radiology, Medical City Complex
Keywords: Multiple sclerosis, MRI , Paediatric


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS). Up to 10 % of MS patients have onset in paediatric age group. Although the clinical profile of MS appears similar to that seen in adults, several features may differ and specific issues arise in children. Here, we reported a 12-year old girl who presented with 3-year history of episodes of seizures and facial nerve palsy and finally fatigue and cognitive impairment were noted and interfered with her academic performance. Because of the presumed atypical clinical presentations, the diagnosis was missed then dismissed despite neuroimaging features and CSF immunological findings that were highly suggestive of MS. Later, evolution of the disease by neuroimaging helped confirming the diagnosis and directed toward the delayed therapy.


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