Molecular detection of MSRA Erythromycin-Resistant gene in Staphylococcus spp

  • Osamah M. Hassan Dept. of Basic Medical Science, Dentistry College , University Al-Mustansiriyah University.
Keywords: PCR,msrA, staphylococci, erythromycin


 Background: The resistance to antimicrobial factors is an increasingly global problem worldwide, especially among nosocomial bacteria. Staphylococci have become one of the common causes of nosocomialinfections. Multi drug-resistant staphylococci pose a growing problem for human health.
ObjectiveThis study was carried out to evaluate the association between the antibiotic susceptibility patterns and the msrA Erythromycin-Resistant gene in staphylococci isolates obtained from various clinical samples of patients.
Methods: A total of 25 staphylococci clinical isolates were collected from the central Health Lab. DNA from each sample was extracted and The gene implicated in resistance to erythromycin (msrA) was amplified using PCR method.
Results:The PCR of msr A gene showed positive 16 out of 25 for isolated staphylococci (gave 163 sized amplicons), whichresults may be considered as an important criterion to treating Staphylococcal infections.
Conclusion: The PCR is a useful and practical device for the routine diagnosis of macrolide resistance staphylococci use to be microbiology laboratory work flow .the detection of resistance genes by PCR was more reliable, accurate and specific than other methods of detection.


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