About the Journal

The history of this journal and its place between the medical scientific journals in the countries of the region , has gave us proudly big motivation while doing our best efforts to deliver it in the best suit.

Historically, this journal is the 1st medical journal in the Middle East; it was first published in 1936 and continued so far despite some poses for compelling reasons.

The founders of the journal whether Iraqis or other nationalities who contributed in managing this journal and publishing it, has chronicled the periods of development of medicine in Iraq taking into consideration that the researches which were published in it was receiving global Echo as it was a rich source for foreigner researchers and many of their articles and dissertation, on researchers published in this journal.

In spite of all the diverse moral and financial difficulties that face this journal, we are happy to renovate the covenant to go forward in the completion of the message and to continue whatever the obstacles are.

Recently an important achievement has been established, that is issuing the electronic journal, and this makes the journal readable and legible worldwide, raising its importance and significance even much more, which in fact made the editorial Board keener to publish the researches in the best configuration, diminishing errors and apply solid scientific standards.