A trial Of Immunisation Against Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

  • Mohammed A. Kadir college of medicine, Tikrit.
  • Hussein S.A. Al-Obaidi college of medicine, Tikrit.
  • Ghanim A. Al-hula college of medicine, Tikrit.
  • Abdul-Ghani M. AI-Samarai college of medicine, Tikrit.


Background: Cutaneous leishmaniasis is an endemic protozoal disease in Iraq. Recovery from the disease confers a solid and permanent immunity. Vaccination with a living inoculum of promastigotes isolated from culture reduce the incidence of disease.
Objective: To show the efficacy of different types of antigens for protection of Balb/c mice against cutaneous leishmaniasis.
Methods: Thirty Balb Ic mice were divided in to six groups, groups 1-4 were immunized with different types of antigens (heat killed, freezing-thawing, formalin fixed and ultrasonicated). Received June 2005 Group 5 was treated with freshly harvested viable promastigotes from liquid medium as positive Accepted Nov. 2005 control and group 6 was kept as negative control. Leishmanin test was used for estimation of hypersensitivity of skin. Results: Immunization with antigens preparation revealed that, the immunized mice became resistant to infection.
Conclusion: Immunization of mice against cutaneous leishmaniasis is possible by using different types of antigens. Key words: Immunisation, cutaneous leishmaniasis, mice.


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